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Hello! You're probably here because you want to apply to be a helper on CalamityMC, and we want you to as well! This page has been created to give you some tips and tricks on what we are looking out for in staff and how to get a good application going. We will also include what your role will entail as well as a few rules about your application.


- You must be an active member of the server and have at least 48 hours playtime (/playtime).

- You must have access to discord, and be in our server (/discord).

- You must have a functional microphone and be willing to enter voice chats with other members of staff.

- You must be familiar with the features of the server, as well as minecraft in general.

- You must not have been punished for breaking the rules in the past 30 days.

- You must be willing to meet a minimum playtime requirement.

What the 'Helper' role entails:

- You will be a representative of the server, this means that we need you to maintain professionalism at all times.

- You will enforce our rules and actively check that people are not breaking them.

- You will be responsible for responding to player issues and reports, solving them if you can, or informing other staff if you cannot.

- You will help advertise the server, explore new avenues and be pro-active in helping us grow.

- You WILL receive a lot of abuse, negativity and criticism as a staff member and you need to be ready for that and know how to handle it.

- This is a role where we gain your trust and get to know you, and is a bridge to 'Moderator'. This means that you will not get any special perks, only the bare essentials you need to enforce our rules. If you are looking for special perks, please refer to our donation page instead.

What we look out for and creating your application:

We are on the lookout for active, professional and unique players to represent us as helper. This means that you must play a lot on the server, enough for us to be able to get to know you and for other players to know who you are.

This application is your chance to sell yourself to us, help us get to know you and state why you should be helper over the other applicants. I highly recommend taking your time to write out lengthy, detailed answers to each question; This will help us read you a lot better and help the chance that your application is successful. An application with lengthy answers that go into detail about yourself and your experiences will instantly beat a short application that we can clearly see has had no time put into it, if you cannot put time and effort into your application, we will not trust you to put it in our server. 

When creating your application, remember to have good grammar and speak professionally. You will be representing our server as a staff member, and will need to act professionally at all time, so please make sure to include this in your app.

Do not lie. We will find out, and you will instantly be demoted, it's not worth our time or yours.

There are tons of ways to stand out and show your dedication to the server, and we really appreciate any and every way that people do so, this includes voting, sticking to the ruleshelping players out, playing on the server a lot, etc.

After creating your application:

- DO NOT mention your application in game. Harassing staff or other players that you have applied to staff does not look good and is not what we are looking for, even if this is in a /msg to another player, we know that you know we can see this. Doing this will most likely result in your application being denied.

- We notice people who help other people in game, whether it is welcoming and making new players feel welcome, or helping an experienced player fix their advanced redstone machine that broke; Everything from big and small is picked up by staff, after you submit your application, these are the kind of actions we will be looking out for.

- Grammar, punctuation and professionalism. This needs to be maintained at all time as staff, and we will be looking out for it from applications.

- DO NOT contact staff regarding your application. We are not always on the lookout for staff, and may absolutely love you and your application, but are just waiting for the right time. 

- If you do get rejected, DO NOT take it to heart, you will have the chance to re-apply again, and people who take rejection badly are not who we are looking for. If you are rejected and handle it well, this will look INCREDIBLY good on your next application. We are not always looking for staff, and our team has limited numbers, sometimes you may have a good app but we just do not need any more staff.

- If you have any more questions feel free to ask staff, but please do this BEFORE you submit your application, and DO NOT ask them to help you in regards to your application. We want to see YOUR application.

Thank you for reading! Apply on our discord with the link below! GOOD LUCK!


(If the link does not lead to the form, assume that we are not accepting staff at this time)

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