Elder Rank

Elder Rank (3.99 GBP)

Thank you for donating to CalamityMC!


Perks and Benefits:

- The Elder prefix in game!

- $3000 in game cash!

- 1000 extra claimblocks!

- Set a total of 6 homes!

- Purchase up to 4 lottery tickets!

- Auction up to 6 items on the auction house!

- Ability to join up to 4 Jobs!

- The /back command is FREE of use!

- Exclusive rank on tab list and /list!

- Access to exclusive discord channels and VCs!
- Exclusive discord rank!

- Exclusive /voteshop purchasable items!


Additional Commands:

- Access to /setwarp - This will allow you to set your own custom warps! (Costs $100,000 in game cash per use)

- Access to /ptime - This will allow you to adjust your personal player time (Costs $1000 in game cash per use)

- Access to /nick- This will allow you to change your display name (This rank does not get to use colors in nicknames)

- Access to /afk - This will allow you to manually set your afk status.

- Access to /dc <message> (Exclusive donator chat)

- Access to /kit elder (weekly)


/Kit Elder (Available Weekly):

-  1x Iron Sword 

- 1x Iron Pick-Axe 

- Iron Axe

- Iron Shovel

-Iron Hoe

- 1x Iron Helmet 

- 1x Iron Chestplate 

- 1x Iron Leggings 

- 1x Iron Boots

- 1x Diamond

- 1x Iron Ingot

- 16x Bottle o' Enchanting

- 64x Fireworks

- 1x Totem of Undying

- 4x Phantom Membrane


Mob Disguises:

- Chicken

- Pig

- Cow

- Sheep


Amazing features still to come!

By donating you are not entitled to any physical or virtual good. A donation as defined is an act or instance of presenting something as a gift, grant, or contribution with no expectation of anything in return, we offer the in game items as a gift to you for donating, not as a reward/purchasable item/s.

3.99 GBP
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