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Here you can purchase a variety of digital content for any of the CalamityMC network servers, including ranks, crate keys, individual perks and more! What you're able to purchase will depend on which of our servers you want to purchase something on. Feel free to browse through the categories on the left side of the shop to find what might interest you, or even just look around! 

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All of your donations are reinvested into the server to enhance the experience as much as possible. Some of the things donations have been used for the in the past include additional servers, general upkeep, premium plugins, and MORE! We greatly appreciate all of your donations and want to emphasize that you are investing in your own experience by donating. Thank you for your continuous support, and if you have any questions about where the money is going, feel free to contact an Administrator for additional info! 

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By donating you are not entitled to any physical or virtual good. A donation as defined is an act or instance of presenting something as a gift, grant, or contribution with no expectation of anything in return, we offer the in game items as a gift to you for donating, not as a reward/purchasable item/s.

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Recent Payments
  • BIGFATOE_420 • Today 15:33
    5000x Use Sell Wand!
  • MvtMyth • Today 15:26
    Vortex --> Seismic
  • MvtMyth • Today 15:23
    Scorched --> Vortex
  • Rogunov • Wed 17:36
    7x Key Crate Keys (S
  • Rogunov • Wed 17:22
    7x Key Crate Keys (S
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